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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Pregnancy in Multiple Sclerosis

Latest records show that women who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis can finish safely the pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies, just like a pregnant woman without any risk.
According to these recent findings, published in a specialized journal in Brazil, if circumstances are favorable, the women diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis can have children without difficulties.

Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disorder and occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the nerve fibers of the same people. Multiple Sclerosis cause very serious symptoms, such as muscle weakness, numbness of limbs, low vision and driving difficult.
Pregnancy in Multiple Sclerosis

After a few years, women diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis are advised to avoid becoming pregnant, largely due to concerns that a pregnancy could worsen Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. But studies over the past decade have demonstrated the opposite: women have noticed an improvement in their symptoms and even the symptoms can disappear during pregnancy.

One explanation may be as follows: during pregnancy immune system slows down its activity so that the anti-inflammatory hormones called corticosteroids would increase during this period. According to the latest scientific findings, women with Multiple Sclerosis face no risk of complications in pregnancy.
The team from the Metropolitan University of Santos in Brazil pieced together 22 international studies from 1980 to present, involving over 13,000 women.

The conclusion was that the disease regresses during pregnancy and is easily shortly after birth. Combined study results also show that women who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis are exposed at several risks such as: the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, low fetal birth weight or birth of a baby with birth defects.

Women who are pregnant and have Multiple Sclerosis have a increased risk to develop one of this complication than a healthy women. However, it is important for women with Multiple Sclerosis to work closely with theirs doctor when they decide to have a babies and desires to get pregnant.

One of the reasons is because during pregnancy she will, most likely, need to stop medication for treating Multiple Sclerosis. Because everything must be kept under control, neurologist should communicate with the obstetrician who treat the pregnant women with Multiple Sclerosis.
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