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Monday, February 25, 2013

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Help, Aids and Resources for People with Multiple Sclerosis

 Resources for People with Multiple Sclerosis
To get used to the fact that you have Multiple Sclerosis can be difficult for you and your loved ones. Advice about treatment, how to cope with symptoms, disease management and emotional issues are available by qualified personnel in medical care. Network to help patients varies from country to country and depends on the health care system, but you have access to:

• A neurologist who can confirm the diagnosis, treat acute exacerbations of the disease and which you will address if you or your doctor have some concerns.
• A family doctor who can help you and your family to understand Multiple Sclerosis disease and the effect it can have on the health and your lifestyle.

If you have any other problems, please contact also a specialist such as a:
• Physiotherapist
• Urologist
• Psychologist
• Professional Therapist
• Social Worker
• Advocate
• speech therapist

Other services may include:
• Help with practical tasks at home
• Financial advice and assistance that may be available

Voluntary organizations can provide help, support and practical assistance in several areas. Local and national MS societies in your country specialize in providing support for all those affected by MS. They can also inform you about other organizations that provide certain services, such as those in the household. All companies have materials about MS are available. Many have special hotline that can be called free of charge. To find local firms, global network access MS (MS Global Network) and choose your country. You will find so, telephones and addresses of Societal MS.
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