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Monday, February 4, 2013

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Multiple Sclerosis Diet

Multiple Sclerosis Diet
Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease (immune system attacks its own tissues), acting against the antibodies created by the body's own structures. Multiple Sclerosis is not directly hereditary, although studies show a familial predisposition.

Taking care of general good health and wee-being is very important for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers. Multiple Sclerosis specialists recommend for them to follow a well-balanced and carefully planned diet if they want to achieve this goal. For now long they need to make a few changes in their diet plan.

Multiple Sclerosis sufferers will have a strictly controlled diet to normalize digestion and metabolism. Daily, noon and evening, we recommend a mixture of 300 ml of carrot juice, 100 ml of beetroot juice, celery juice 50 ml, 20 ml of black radish juice and 20 ml of potato juice, for a period of two months , after which it will eat two meals of raw vegetables each day, until healing. In the spring there is a cure of green barley juice and dandelion stems.

Daily tables should include the consume of fresh vegetables (spinach, lettuce, cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, celery, parsley root) or fish, liver, lean meat, poultry and beef, potatoes, rice, dairy products, vegetable oils, eggs ( 4 per week), bread (only 1-2 slices per day), wheat germ, bee products (honey, pollen, apilarnil), brewers dried yeast, multivitamins (B vitamins more), walnuts, almonds, raisins , fresh fruit, juices and compotes, at least two liters of water daily.

To open the appetite is indicated to consume a sauerkraut salad with a little cumin, coriander and oil, which is consumed as a first course at lunch and evening. Moreover, Multiple Sclerosis sufferers should avoid eating pork, animal fats, lard, butter, cream, cream cheese, preserves, white sugar and sugar products concentrated and alcoholic beverages.

It is very important to the person with Multiple Sclerosis to find ways to cope with the practical and emotional needs of this condition. They differ from one person to another, so needs that must satisfy outpatient treatment varies. Outpatient treatment may lie in finding solutions to make housework easier to deal with depression or a specific symptoms and getting support from friends and family members.

Tiredness is a common problem in people with Multiple Sclerosis, so to prevent this matter Multiple Sclerosis sufferers need to changing family environment or making adjustments in their professional activity, also may be useful to adapt the daily schedule so that everyday activities to be less stressful or tiring.

Furthermore, Multiple Sclerosis sufferers should do regular exercise, either alone or with a physiokinetotherapists, if the person wants to do one exercise, it is advisable to ask the doctor or physiokinetotherapists are adequate movements that body.

At some point, most people with Multiple Sclerosis have problems with bladder, which may consist of difficulty to keep or remove urine or a combination of these problems, your doctor may prescribe a medication that can be useful and can help achieve a program of fluid intake and activity, so a person can reach the toilet in time when you feel the sensation of urination.

 Also physiotherapy, occupational therapy and treatment nonmedicamentos performed at home, can help the person in question to deal with symptoms and adapt professional and everyday situations.
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