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Saturday, March 2, 2013

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10 Issues Which May Ease Lives Of Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Alternative treatments in Multiple Sclerosis recommended by physicians:
    -Fatty acids;
    -Replacing mercury amalgam fillings;
    -Yoga and meditation;
    -Hyperbaric oxygen.

Vitamins: Proper dosage of vitamins is recommended to all people with Multiple Sclerosis, but there are scientific evidence which are proving that additional doses of vitamins or individual mega-vitamins or in any combination would have a favorable effect on the disease course.

Fatty acids: Several clinical trials have shown that dietary supplementation with polyunsaturated fatty acids (primrose oil) and fatty acids from fish oil have some effect in slowing disease progression and severity of flares improvement but without affecting their frequency.

Diets: So far have not found evidence to support that MS would be a consequence of a poor diet or deficiencies in nutrition. Balanced diets that contain less fat and more protein are recommended for the general public and is good for them and be part of the disease management strategy for people with MS. Many commercially available diets are expensive. They can negatively alter nutrition and may prove to be unreliable and dangerous to health without close supervision of a physician.

Replacing mercury amalgam fillings(silver alloy with mercury) this is the result of unproven assumptions under which Multiple Sclerosis would be a result of mercury poisoning from fillings would leak and affect the immune system. There is no conclusive evidence to the fact that replacing amalgam fillings would be of any real use for Multiple Sclerosis.

Mercury poisoning is rare and requires a very high exposure (which is a consequence of activity at work). Symptoms of mercury poisoning are important neurological ( tremor) since one of the major organs is affected by mercury.

Similarity between mercury poisoning and the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis led to the establishment of erroneous links between mercury and MS. Tests that claim to measure levels of mercury in amalgam are not worthy of consideration. Replacing amalgam fillings is costly and stressful. It is worth mentioning that alternative fillings (acrylic) are not as durable and require a complicated application process.

Amalgam fillings should not be replaced only when they are no longer good, now being able to discuss possible alternatives with your dentist. In many countries the practice of requesting benefits from removal of amalgam fillings is seen as being one ethics.

Acupuncture: There is evidence to show that acupuncture has an effect in developing disease or symptom management. However acupuncture can serve as a tool to remove the pain and muscle spasms.

Yoga and meditation: Exercise and relaxation can be a valuable and pleasant treatment for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Yoga and meditation can positively influence the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis, improving their social and physical functions. There are many organizations that have special courses for people with physical disabilities.

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO): Practice breathing oxygen under pressure in special rooms hoping to stop Multiple Sclerosis and improve symptoms became popular in the '80s. Individual tests have been done in the U.S., UK, Canada and the Netherlands have shown that HBO has no effect on any parameter of the disease.

These conclusions were drawn from Therapeutic Claims in Multiple Sclerosis by William A Sibley, MD, Fourth Edition, published by the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies, 1996.
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