Thursday, May 8, 2014

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How is Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosed in Different Types of MS?

There are many tests that can be used by specialists to diagnose multiple sclerosis. Some of the most commonly recommended such tests include neurological examination, magnetic resonance imaging, Evoked potentials test, lumbar puncture and blood tests, among many others. However, after confirming that a patient is suffering from multiple sclerosis, doctors will go further to determine the stage in which the disease is found.

How is multiple sclerosis diagnosed in different types of MS? There are different types of multiple sclerosis that can be found in patients. Various factors indicate a patient that he is dealing with a certain type of MS.

1. Relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis diagnosis
Patients are suffering from relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, specialists say, if they have two relapses of symptoms on a period of more than 30 days apart. Another factor that can help doctors set the right diagnosis is determined after an MRI, which should indicate that myelin damage is increased after a relapse.

2. Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
A diagnosis of this type of MS can be made if patients had relapses of symptoms in the past, but they became steadily more disabled for at least 6 months.

3. Primary progressive multiple sclerosis
Diagnosis for primary progressive multiple sclerosis can be made if patients had no relapses, but symptoms became worse. Moreover, patients suffering from this type of MS become more disabled in about one year. A MRI scan will indicate damage to the myelin, while a lumbar puncture can indicate the presence of antibodies.

4. Progressive relapsing multiple sclerosis
This form of the disease is considered to be the most difficult to handle and the easiest to diagnose, as it is characterized by symptoms that become worse, with or without recovery. The disease continues to progress and symptoms become harder to deal with. A MRI will show severe damage.

How is multiple sclerosis diagnosed in different types of MS is not a hard question to answer, but the whole process can turn out being rather difficult, as MS in an unpredictable condition. In some cases symptoms are mild and the disease progresses slowly, while in others symptoms can be hard to deal with, while the condition continues to progress. 


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