Monday, March 31, 2014

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Multiple Sclerosis Statistics: How Common is this Disease?

Multiple sclerosis is not a simple disease to deal with. This condition is quite common, too, multiple sclerosis statistics showing that the disease is diagnosed in more than 2.5 million people each year. Only in the United States about 400,000 individuals suffer from MS.

Most people are diagnosed with this disease at the age of 37. However, specialists say that the average age of onset is 30 to 33. About 10 percent of all patients are diagnosed after the age of 50. Consequently, multiple sclerosis statistics show that most people are diagnosed with the condition between 20 and 40 years old. Only few cases are traced after the age of 60. However, the disease can be developed by people of all ages.

Multiple sclerosis is not considered to affect the normal life-expectancy of patients. However, some studies have indicated that patients are most likely going to have a life-expectancy decreased by 7 years compared to healthy individuals. Generally, multiple sclerosis is more common in women, compared to men. Most cases are diagnosed in the first stage of the disease, about 85 percent of all patients. 10 percent are diagnosed in the second stage of multiple sclerosis development.

Multiple sclerosis statistics also show that the disease is more frequent in Caucasians, compared to Hispanics and African Americans. Many risk factors are believed to bring a contribution to the development of multiple sclerosis. Actually, statistics reveal that in the past few years the number of people diagnosed with MS has grown amazingly. Still, researchers have been unable to determine the reason why this occurs. However, studies on this subject continue, as specialists are still trying to determine what causes MS and which is the best way to overcome it.

Nowadays, patients suffering from multiple sclerosis can turn to the use of a wide range of treatments, which can be very effective ways to cure MS. Moreover, it is important to know that multiple sclerosis only in rare situations causes complications that can turn out affecting the patient’s health. In the most serious cases, complications can actually lead to death. Most deaths due to a multiple sclerosis related causes happen in the United States, as statistics reveal.

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