Monday, February 10, 2014

Multiple Sclerosis Early Symptoms

Multiple sclerosis can easily be described as a disease that causes unpredictable symptoms. The symptoms experienced by patients suffering from this condition can vary from one case to another. Their intensity, the period of time on which they are felt, as well as their nature, is not the same in all patients. Fatigue and numbness are some of the most commonly felt early symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

However, there are many other multiple sclerosis early symptoms that may indicate patients the presence of this condition. They include:

  • Vision problems. Blurred vision is quite common in MS patients. Vision is affected as the symptoms of MS cause pressure to the optic nerve. Vision problems can be felt in both eyes. However, patients may also deal with the loss of contrast or the loss of vivid colors seen by people with normal eyesight. In some cases, pain can be felt along with vision issues.
  • Numbness and tingling. Other two common symptoms of MS, numbness and tingling affect the brain and the spinal column. Numbness and tingling are warning signs for patients with MS, being mostly felt in the areas such as face, arms, legs and fingers.
  • Pain. Another common symptom of MS, pain associated to this condition can be quite intense. Muscle spasms may also become a problem for patients.
  • Fatigue and weakness. Such as numbness, fatigue is very common in MS patients. Fatigue can occur for weeks or even months, becoming worse with each day.
  • Balance problems. Patients commonly have balance problems, too. The freedom of movement can be prevented by MS, which may also cause dizziness.
  • Sexual dysfunction. A common symptom for people with MS, sexual dysfunction may be accompanied by frequent urination, inability to hold the urine and other bladder and bowel issues.
  • Memory loss. People with MS have certain memory problems, too. Language issues, difficulty remembering certain things, as well as depression can be symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
  • Other multiple sclerosis early symptoms can include trouble swallowing and breathing problems. 
 When the disease advances, people can also deal with seizures, uncontrollable shaking, as well as slurred speech. In fact, the severity of MS symptoms increases with the progression of the disease.


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