Monday, February 17, 2014

Multiple Sclerosis Definition: What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is commonly described as a chronic autoimmune condition. The disease affects the patient’s normal movement, as well as all the body’s functions. MS is caused by the destruction of the myelin, which is the sheath that covers nerves. In fact, the disease is developed when the myelin is destroyed by the immune system, which fails to recognize it as a healthy part of the body. When the myelin is destroyed, serious damage to the nerves can be produced.

 There are many symptoms which may indicate patients that they are suffering from multiple sclerosis. Some of these symptoms include vision problems, imbalance, sensation loss, as well as decreased body function. People experiencing severe forms of MS can actually be in the impossibility to walk or speak normally. In many cases, symptoms come and go, so patients can be symptoms free for several months.

The cause of MS is not clear yet, but specialists claim that there are a series of factors which can lead to this development. Many specialists say that the main cause of MS is destruction to the immune system. Others say that failure of the myelin-producing cells is the main reason why multiple sclerosis is developed. Environmental and genetic factors may also play a role in the development of MS.

Various treatments can now be recommended to patients, which to purpose to stop the progression of multiple sclerosis, as well as to improve their overall health. Treatments can be extremely successful when it comes to preventing an attack or improving the patient’s general state after such an attack. However, in most cases patients with multiple sclerosis have a life expectancy similar with healthy individual. Still, it is crucial to know that specialists cannot predict the way multiple sclerosis will evolve, so they cannot offer a prognosis to patients.

Multiple sclerosis affects more than 1 million people in the United States. The disease is most commonly found in people aged between 20 and 40. Symptoms rarely are experienced by people aged below 15 or by individuals over the age of 60. Women are more likely to develop multiple sclerosis, compared to men.

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