Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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ICD 9 Code for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, like all other conditions, receives a code that can be used for diagnosis. The ICD 9 CM 340 code is a billable medical code that is used by all doctors to set the diagnosis. Codes are used by doctors in all conditions, to describe the disease and its symptoms easily, in the file of each patient. Codes are used all over the United States, but not only.

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The ICD 9 code for multiple sclerosis classifies this condition as a progressive autoimmune disease, which affects the central nervous system. The condition is associated to symptoms such as weakness, numbness, loss of muscle, as well as problems with vision, speech and coordination. The disease is thought to be a progressive condition, resulting in the most serious cases in severe damage to the nerves. When the nerves are affected, specialists say that the process of reversing multiple sclerosis becomes impossible. Specialists have been unable to determine why multiple sclerosis is developed by some patients and is not formed in others.

Multiple sclerosis is most commonly diagnosed in people aged between 20 and 40. The disease affects the central nervous system, most commonly in women, compared to men. Even though MS is rarely found in people aged below 15 or more than 60, this disease can be developed by anyone.
Other diseases of the nervous system, coded by specialists for a simpler diagnosis include meningitis, sleep disorders, hereditary and degenerative diseases of the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease, essential tumors, ataxia and cerebellar degeneration, among many other conditions.

The ICD 9 code for multiple sclerosis, as well as all other codes for various diseases, are important for doctors to simplify the diagnosis and the billing process, but also for patients to know exactly the type of condition they have been diagnosed with. MS is not a simple disease to deal with, this is why patients are commonly very discouraged when this disease is formed. However, it is important to know that the progression of MS can be stopped and all symptoms can be eliminated, so patients can lead a normal lifestyle even though they had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.


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