Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Help for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Where can I go for help and to get more information about MS

Healthcare professionals

MS Information Help
Reconciliation with multiple sclerosis can be difficult for you and your loved ones. Health care professionals can give you advice about treatment, symptoms, disease management and about the emotional aspects. Patient support network varies from country to country and is directly dependent on the health system but you have access to:

     - a neurologist to confirm the diagnosis, treat acute intensifying disease and can be sent to your family physician.
     - a family physician who can help you and your family in understanding MS and how it can affect your health and lifestyle

If you have special problems you can go to see some specialists, such as:

    -  physiotherapist
    - urologist
    - psychologist
    - occupational therapist
    - nurse
    - counselor
    - dietitian

Other services may include

    - help with practical tasks in the home
    - advising on financial management and aid available.

Organizations non profit

These organizations can give you advice, support and practical assistance in various fields. National MS Society specializes in helping all patients with multiple sclerosis also it will inform about the existence of other organizations that can help, such as home care programs. is endowed with a rich array of literature that is distributed for free.


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