Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Multiple Sclerosis Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Multiple Sclerosis Questions To Ask Your Doctor
1.What is Multiple Sclerosis?
2.What type of Multiple Sclerosis do I suffer?
3.What do you think is causing this?
3.What tests are required to diagnose this disease?
4.How performing are these diagnostic tests? Are these tests reliable?
5.Will I have new symptoms? Will they get worse over time?
6.What is the most probable evolution of the disease?
7.What is the prognosis with and without treatment?
8.What are the treatment options?
9.How effective is each treatment?
10.What are the benefits versus risks of each treatment separately?
11.How should I handle them?
12.Can exercise or physical therapy help me feel better?
13.Will MS affect my sex life? Can I have children?
14.What can I do at home to manage my symptoms?
15.Where I can find local support groups?

WARNING: In any diseases establishing a correct diagnosis is the key to an effective treatment. You're the most important person in this process in that you can accurately describe the character, location, duration and time of onset of your symptoms. Also, you should tell your doctor about the vitamins, herbs and medications that you take. This is very important because long-term administration of vitamins may be due to abnormal laboratory tests, supplements and antacids containing magnesium can cause diarrhea; some antihypertensive drugs can cause constipation.


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