Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Multiple Sclerosis Lifestyle Changes

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that requires some lifestyle changes in Multiple Sclerosis patients through their entire life. If you have little or no disability at all, your style and family will not be modified. Yet the knowledge about the disease and its long-term implications have an great impact on the person live with Multiple Sclerosis and on the loved one. Everything depends on the symptoms you have and how you feel. Symptoms may be present continuously or flare-ups may occur from time to time. The severity of symptoms can provide clues about how Multiple Sclerosis will affect your life.

Many people with Multiple Sclerosis will have to plan activities to a greater extent than in the past and will have to change the priorities and programs. If fatigue is a problem, for example, you need some rest periods per day so you can continue, but at a slower pace.

Physiotherapy and regular exercise can help you keep in optimal shape. It would be good to discuss with your doctor what treatment or what exercise program would be appropriate. It may need regular physiotherapy sessions or some exercises at home. For some people one good help may be swimming sessions, yoga and horse riding. Besides maintaining good muscle tone, exercise is a way to relax. National Multiple Sclerosis Society or local organization (in your area) can help you with exercise programs or to recommend some facilities or specialized personnel for such activities.

Have been developed over the years a multitude of diets for Multiple Sclerosis, which is normal for a disease for which there are no known causes or healing method. While diets contradict each other, the philosophy behind them is very good: a balanced diet that will provide all the vitamins and minerals you need. Some people have noticed that for them the most beneficial diet is low in animal fat and high in polyunsaturated fat. Read the section about [alternative treatment]. It is advisable to discuss changes in your diet with your doctor or dietitian.

Planning work
Because Multiple Sclerosis can make changes in your physical and cognitive capabilities is advisable to realistically assess how these changes will affect your current job. If your work requires to be in a good shape it is better to look or to prepare for another job less demanding. If you have a sedentary job, physical disability will not affect very much, allowing you to keep your position for years. In your area there may be problems counseling office or career vocational training courses.

Changes in family

One of the most difficult problems for a couple after diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis is possible to change tasks. A family with two income sources will have to learn to deal only with a paycheck (if the situation does not allow people with MS to keep his job). One of the partners will have to assume additional tasks in managing the home and caring for children and / or be sympathetic with the pace of the other partner to carry out specific tasks. For successful implementation of these changes partners should have an open discussion.


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